Hotel Blue Sapphire, is wonderful hotel in the Southwest of Sri Lanka. We promise that you will be served with such a Hospitality and Different Experience that will inspire you throughout your life.

Blue Sapphire means a very expensive and rare dazzling blue gem stone found in Sri Lanka. As the very name denotes, Hotel Blue Sapphire is an ideal resort for the leisure and pleasure loving foreign tourists seeking an escape from hectic hubbub of city life to spend a well earned holiday in a serene environment.

Our staff with a charming smile is a dedicated lot prepared and willing to provide you with all facilities from the time you check in until your departure. Their superb service will invariably make you feel that you are at your own sweet home.

When compared to rooms in other hotels you will be marvelled to find rooms to be fairly large and the roof extraordinarily high maintaining ancient aesthetic values and at the same time providing all necessary amenities.

If you wish to view and enjoy the grandeur and splendor of the scenic beauty we could arrange tours ranging from one day to seven days with experienced guides to take you around.